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This music video is 2 years old.  It's OK, but my new music is better!  
I'm getting closer everyday!!  :-)  Music is a lifelong journey.  Enjoy the process!!       

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Theory is the science of sound, but music is the art of sound. 
Theory can't make music for you.  Read it, but don't stress out.  Let your ears guide you.

Building blocks
Relative Tension  
Diatonic - Chromatic    
Chord building      
Dominant - Subdominant - Tonic   
Major - minor    

Theory Philosophy

Chord substitutions

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Advanced intro
    The guitar players paradox.  Thinking without thinking. 
            This is for everyone, make music today. 
Guitar lessons
     Practice routines designed for your goals.  Ways to measure progress and define your path.

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Play Faster        Unique strategies for playing rock and speed metal. 
Guitar solos     
 Play amazing guitar solos. 
Rhythm              Read sheet music rhythm notation.
Rhythm lessons
         New strumming patterns for rhythm guitar. 
Dexterity lessons      
Speed and accuracy for the fretting hand.  These chromatic lessons enhance your improvising. 

Harmonics         Ghost tones.  Use harmonics and harmonic patterns.
Sequencing        Sequencing for soloists
Dance               Groove and focus.  
Games              Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

No Guitar           Practice without a guitar  

TAB Songs         See patterns.  Write songs.  
Tunings              Other guitar tunings.  Open tuning methods.
Finger picking

Watch the Pros              Seeing is easier.  After watching pro players, you'll play faster guitar solos.

-Advanced work flow tips for Ableton, Geist 2, FL studio, Cubase, Pro Tools, Mixbus and hundreds of VST plugins.  Unified techniques that utilize the best of each program.    
-New HTML 5 website with more videos and lessons, and an online store.

-New music in multiple styles.  Dance, country, dubstep and rock.  

-Simplified guitar practice strategies.

-Updated diet tips.  Techniques for fixing physical ailments like arthritis and nerve damage.  Specific simple diet tips that'll keep you healthy and playing into retirement.

-I did 2 exorcisms on my friend and former band mate three years ago.  He told me he had a demon in him and I didn't really believe it.  He also told me a priest couldn't get it out of him.  So I did the "smart thing" and found Saint Michaels Prayer of Exorcism on Google and performed it on him.  During the first exorcism he was hissing and snarling like a rabid dog, and he started laughing in double octaves.  During the second exorcism he got tossed six feet through the air (in front of another witness).  That's the short version of the story.  The long version is even more nuts.  Now I can "feel spirit energy".  Lol, the Universe is whack.  But I can explain a lot of things now.  So that process will begin.  Be mildly good, Jesus energy is real (and a lot of other energies are also real). The best thing you can do is talk to "Jesus" as a friend.  I actually think "Jesus" is the archetypal energy of "forgiveness" and "high love" and "understanding".  This will take a lot of writing to achieve, but it'll happen this year, and it'll make sense to most of you.  I'm not a Christian extremist.  Whatever you envision as a higher power is valid for you.  However, I don't advise worshiping the devil under any circumstance.  Talk to Jesus (or Allah, Buddha, Krishna, The Great Eagle, your Shaman ancestors, etc.) But definitely talk to Jesus.  You can level up and start living in a way that seems supernatural.  My long term goal is to start a school for exorcists.  God bless and rock on!   -Josh   

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Energy and music surge through you.  You have a psychic link with your band.

pointer  Jamming                  How to jam properly.  Listen, react, groove, share space, build up, stop thinking, improvise, feel the music.   
Playing With Feeling      Inspired guitar playing.  How to play guitar with feeling, emotional intensity and heart.     
Guitar Quotes               Quotes from Duane Allman, Yngwie, Jimmy Page, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jimi Hendrix and more.

Listen                               Fuel your subconscious.  Get new ideas

"It would melt into one...  It had energy and life in it."     - Jeff Beck

"You're monitoring what wants to come through you."     -Carlos Santana

"I plugged into a musical stream of consciousness.  After it was done I thought, did I do that?"      -Vernon Reid

songwriting banner

Poetic devices   
Rhythm of the music   


Melody Basics  
Tone Tendencies       
Structural notes      
Controlling the speed       
Melodic Placement


Chord Progressions

Quick results:
 Buy Odesi chord, bass and melody tool.  50$  

Defining chord progressions
Progression Styles                    Common chord progressions in each style.
Substitution Progressions      


The spirituality page was written before I did the exorcisms on Alex.  It's outdated, but still interesting and relevant.

Spirituality (physics)       Insane reality.  Quantum physics.  The source of music.
Inspiration                         Don't give up.  You'll learn how to play guitar.  

Support friend of the planet James Twyman the peace troubadour.  He coordinates group meditation sessions with millions of people.  He gets results.

"Condition your mind to see crying children in it, the love and compassion of a mother in the notes.  The most significant thing I learned about music…  is the consciousness of it.”           -Carlos Santana

"There's a shift happening in humanity, a shift in consciousness, happening now because it has to happen now."          -Eckhart Tolle


Faulty studies     
Hormones and diet      
Meal plan

Hand stretches            Guitar requires good hands.  These tricks prevent arthritis and keep you limber. 
Hand Strength             Speed and accuracy tips.  Hand strength. 


Business thinking skills             

Check your ego              Arrogance wastes time and resources.
Create curiosity              Get people interested!
Move off the solution    Get results.  Some solutions are simply distractions.
Get evidence                    Prove that an opportunity exists.
Calculate the impact       Turn evidence into dollar signs.  
Explore the ripple effect     What will be affected by your solution?
Slow down for yellow lights  What could prevent success?  
Find the cause                  Fix the cause of the problem
Making it happen             Get money and people allocated to your project.
No more maybes

Guitar Repair

"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work."        - Emile Zola


                   Imagine music, make melodies, and sing
Ear training       Interval, chord, scale, rhythm training for guitar players.  


Hook Lines          40 ideas for writing "titles"
Figurative language      
Framing devices       
Sex & love    
Universal theme


"We didn't have to talk about anything... I could just look back at him.... no other communication was necessary."         -Chuck Berry

This entire section is obsolete.  It has some useful tips, but it's not up to this websites standards.
 I will fix this situation.  

For a current workflow overview, see below: Cosmic Lane

I use FL Studio rewired inside Ableton.  I get FL benefits like the piano roll, step sequencer, bit-bridging between 32 and 64 bit plugins, re-synths like Harmor and tools like Edison.   I also get Ableton's ability to trigger scenes and clips, warp, record easily and use the groove pool.

Setup and Optimization

Optimize Windows
ReadyBoost memory upgrade

Manage plugins in FL Studio

Rewire settings and FL plugin problems

Multiple VST folders in Ableton

Basic FL tips

Important stuff 1          Toggle windows taskbar, zoom in and out, midi keyboard to typing keyboard
Best Hotkeys

Piano roll tricks 1         Edit ghost notes, stamp tool, waveform in the background, allow resizing from the left
Channel rack workflow

Slicex routing         Chop a drum loop into pieces and send drums to different mixer tracks.  Trigger multiple regions at once.  
MIDI Out                   Using the midi out plugin in FL studio to send midi data.


Ableton master - FL slave       Version 1 -  Transport controls are in sync.  Tempo synch is manual.
FL master                                    No VST is allowed in Ableton when rewire slaved.  Good work Ableton!!!

FL Studio VSTi (Multi).dll file     

Midi output from Ableton to FL

Cosmic Lane

Located in beautiful Grand Rapids Ohio.  Internet consultation is available worldwide.
The best deals ever.  All prices are open to negotiation.  The average rate is 12$ an hour.  You're welcome!!  
My current lead time is 1 week.  Rush jobs are possible.  I work with talented people for free.

Producing lessons:  I'm simplifying the workflow of these software tools and listing the most critical functions.  1% of you will really appreciate this list...  :-)  

Ableton:  Advanced routing tricks.  Trigger (and record) midi (or audio) from the session view into the arrangement and create variations.  Ableton exports sound awful.  It has a crappy "summing engine" (in my opinion).  Export midi files or audio "stems" and mix them in Pro Tools or Harrison Mixbus.  You can do a LOT with the intro version (99$).    

FL Studio:  The best piano roll of any DAW.  It has unique tools for arpeggiation and midi editing.  A very complex program; it has a lot of hidden tricks.  FL exports also sound bad, but not as bad as Ableton.  Once again, export midi files or stems and mix them in PT or Mixbus.  FL can be used as a VST inside of any other DAW without rewire.    

Studio one:  This is the fastest way to edit guitar solos or comp vocals.  It has ARA integration with Melodyne, so you can edit your solos inside the studio one editor.  Fantastic!  You can also quickly arrange sections of audio.  You can adjust volumes for an entire CD on the mastering page.  S1 has a solid summing engine (about 80% as good as PT).  

Check out this S1 comping video.  You're welcome!!  :-)  

Cubase:  Look for a crossgrade offer when you buy any of these other daws and get Cubase for half price (around 330$).  Cubase has the "Chord track"; it'll force midi underneath of it to conform to any chord.  It also has the "Chord assistant".  This suggests chords to use in a progression.  Cubase gets upgraded almost every year.  

Pro Tools:  This ancient dinosaur of a DAW sounds amazing, and that's why everybody mixes with it.  You can get Pro tools first for free.  You'll be limited to 16 tracks.  Pro tip:  you need to add a master track to every project, so do that first.   Pro Tools first website.

Mixbus:  This program is cheap and sounds great.  It's 98% as good as PT.  It's slightly grainier, but it's good for rock and other applications like dance or grunge, etc.  PT's has a shimmer and clarity in the high end that is unique.  Mixbus has an old school console sound.  Both programs are valid.  Mixbus is slightly buggy, but it works great and is rapidly improving.
Mixbus website.

Melodyne:  This program allows you to fix and edit audio.  You can fix a guitar solo after you record it.  You can change the volume of a note, or the starting point of a note or even the pitch quickly and easily.  Magic!

FM8:  There are several kinds of synthesis, this the "best" software version of FM synthesis.  It can make super gritty tones.  Skrillex loves this synth.  

Other good synths, Klevgrand, Sylenth 1, Serum, Bazzille, Korg collection, too many to list right now.  

I'm going to list a lot more in this overview section, Today is 2-26-18, and I'll be getting on that very soon.

Re-mastering:  I'm good at fixing audio from bad recording sessions.  Too many tricks to list at the moment but I can make anything sound better.  
Video editing:  I can teach you, or do it for you.

Recording sessions:  I'm currently upgrading the interface and preamps, but 16 tracks are available at the moment.

Guitar lessons: Very cheap, and you will get results fast!!   

Please text me at 419-438-9929.   Or email
Thanks and have a super day!